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Beyond the Darklands

Beyond the Darklands is an Australian true crime television series that airs on the Seven Network. It is narrated by Samuel Johnson, with each episode focusing on a certain criminal, with commentary from clinical psychologist Dr Leah Giarratano providing insight into the minds of the criminal.

After screening the first four episodes in early 2009, the show was taken off the air, only to return later that year for a further four episodes. Via a phone call on 11 November 2009 a Channel Seven spokesperson confirmed that the show will be returning in the New Year with new episodes.

Due to a court injunction Channel Seven was prevented from screening the episode featuring Peter Dupas in Victoria.

Beyond the Darklands Australia is based on the original New Zealand series and book created by the New Zealand clinical psychologist Nigel Latta. The TVNZ series has been shown in Australia on the ci channel on Foxtel.






IMDb: 5

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